How to Add New Package in Yocto(root file system)


This guide describes the adding the any new package in yocto(in rootfs) for Rugged Board i.MX6UL.



  • Rugged Board i.MX6UL


  • ubuntu OS


Step 1: To setup the yocto in your PC follow this link . After running the bitbake environment, go to the conf/local.conf file and follow as below.

yocto$ source sources/poky/oe-init-build-env
yocto/build$ vi conf/local.conf

Step 2: Go to the end of the file and copy below line to add the package.

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "mosquitto"

Step 3: Save the file and compile using below command.

yocto/build$ bitbake rb-qt5demo-image

Step 4: To add two/three packages in yocto edit the "conf/local.conf" file as below

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "mosquitto tcpdump ftp"

Step 5: After completion of compiling, go to below path to find the updated image(rootfs).

yocto/build$ ls deploy/images/ruggedboard-imx6ul/

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