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Software Architecture on RB (Software Stack Diagram)

Software Architecture on RB (software stack diagram)

Required Hardware and Software Components

List of Hardware components required:

  • ruggedBOARD-A5D2x board itself.
  • USB to microUSB cable.
  • A PC with Linux or Windows installed.

List of Software components required:

Download & Prepare the following software components before proceeding.
  • Following Images of OS
    • boot.bin
    • uboot.bin
    • zImage
    • a5d2x-rugged_board.dtb(oftree)
    • rb-nor-core-image-minimal-rugged-board-a5d2x.squashfs(rootfs for NOR flash)
    • rb-sd-core-image-minimal-rugged-board-a5d2x-sd1.tar.gz(rootfs for SDCARD)
  • Following Environment files
    • SDK(Software Development Kit)